Big Value for Money and Highest Reliability

MioStarI Revolution

is probably the last of its series with the high-voltage module integrated into the detector assembly. It comes in three grades: high speed/standard/low noise – and all for the same price!

Mythen2 – SDC

 The Mythen2 Smart Diffraction Controller will not only enable the re-use of existing equipement, but improve the quality of data to an extent, never seen before. No need to re-run a scan when changing the slit widths or detector geometry. This will save time and money!


As OEM partner of DECTRIS we support the full range of ‚HPC‘ detectors for industrial and laboratory environments. Upgrade your laboratory 1D (one-dimensional) or 2D (two-dimensional) detection system and save time and money!


Phoenix data acquisition modules are stand-alone devices with PC-interface, allowing easy integration even in sophisticated environments.Our detection systems are reliable and robust with excellent performance, at the lowest price in the market.

Miostar I

After more than 25 years this detector is still one of the most cost effective solutions for industrial and scientific applications.

Miostar II

Mio Star II, (PIN-or APD-Diode) detector is a new, low-cost EDXRF detector for energy dispersive measurements.


 is a state-of-the art data acquisition system for INEL Curved Position-Sensitive detectors (CPS). Probably the only MCA with the lowest price on the market!


 is an upgrade of the old Anton-Paar Temperature Controller K-PR [-10…100°C] and K-HR [up to 300°C}. It is connected via USB to the host and offers a plurality of new functions and an improved temperature control with state-of the-art electronics.


3D-View is a simple program to view multiple Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) and Wide-Anlge X-Ray Scattering (WAXS) files from pre-programmed series of measurments.