Laboratory Instruments & X-Ray Analytical Services

We repair detectors like the MBraun PSD 50M and its associated electronics and we help with your old X-ray generator and difractometer electronics as DACO, FDC and ASA, etc.
We also offer used equipment as Kratky compact cameras and diffractometers!

DSC08955Picture of a defective detector.



About the company

PHOTRON-X is a privately owned company, developing X-Ray and Neutron detection systems and associated components. Though we are small, we are known for providing state-of-art products for XRD and XRF with undoubtedly the lowest prices in the market. During the years of experience, PHOTRON-X continued to develop and improve detection systems and exactly meet the needs of structure analysis. Besides offering innovative products, PHOTRON-X incorporates high application know-how and best after-sales support. Perfectly understanding the customer needs, improves the quality of your results in scientific research and industrial process control.

The name “Photron-X” is a combination of Photon and Neutron eXperiments, as I started in 1993 as PhD in the scientific field of small angle scattering at the institute of Prof. Peter Laggner of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

HP Scientific

About the passion

Rapid Industrial and Scientific High-Tech development.
During the past years we developed numerous solutions both for industrial and scientific area.
Also take a look to our latest development – the wireless data recorder (WDaRec) for subterranean plant supply systems (SPSS).
Due to our simple but powerful concept we are the ideal partner for small and medium enterprises.