Photo-Diode (PIN or APD)

Mio Star II, (PIN-Diode) detector is a new, low-cost EDXRF detector for energy dispersive measurements.
The MioStar II combines silicon PIN-diode, an ultra-low-noise JFET and a high performance two-stage thermoelectric cooler to achieve a stable output signal over high count rates. Superb energy resolution of typically 180eV make this detector a favourite candidate, where energy resolution is needed.

The APD (Avalanche Photo-Diode) detector is a new, low-cost, state-of-the art replacement for all x-ray instruments equipped with a scintillator-photomultiplier (PMT) combination. Extremely high count rates up to 100 MHz and still reasonable energy resolution make this detector a favorite candidate, where both are needed. The APD combines a 5x5 mm2 or 10x10 mm2 silicon photo-diode and a thermoelectric cooler to achieve a stable output signal. Additionally an integrated high voltage control ensures high stability during operation.